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I’m gonna let go

As the leaves turn from green to gold. I let go. Autumn hold me in its cocoon to go slower into the process. I let go of a job, I let go of a home. I let go of old parts of myself, old stories, and I’m afraid.

What is there, now.

In the unknown, my mind try to control, and even name the new shapes. Wanting to accelerate the creation, to hear a new musical flow. I just want to go back, maybe.

We think we are ready to face a new season. But are we ?

How do we transition with grace in the middle of chaos ? We think that the comfort, the habits, the places, and even people, we belong to them or they belong to us. Is it really us, me.

Did I really let go or did I just try to hide from myself. Running away from the old leaves. Scare of the new promises.

I let go so many times of jobs, home places, countries, but this time as a new flavor.. going a bit deeper, facing old fears.

So every day, I open my eyes to breathe. I hold onto my love. My heart, my inner sanctuary. I hold on the things that I recognize that makes me happy. Spending time in nature, shelter under the trees. Back to the earth, where my feet finds solid roots. And I open to you, my loved ones who stabilize my home.

Simplifying everything, letting go, letting stay. Until there is nothing. Slowing down to get closer to myself…all the layers, where I find steadiness in my body.

Life is just a flow of changes, but this year as been a wave for so many of us. Turning our colors to new seasons. We have to let go more than we thought we could so. We are ready to hang in there.

Like the trees allow their leaves to dye, at each season, to create little babies ones later on the spring time. May we turn ourselves onto the new seeds.

And what if in the process, you allows life to dance though you, no attached to anything.

I lay down my heart to each new day. I lay down my heart to welcome the new unknown. Beginning again and again. Letting go in my own way.

What will it be ? that’s ok. Take it easy.

Guest writer from Soulhub Team:  Isabelle Jan is an integrative therapist, wellness journalist, intuitive, French artist and writer.

How to find her: Connect with her via website or Instagram @isabelle_issa

Photo credit: Bastien Soleil @theoceanismyplayground / model @marinesimonis

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