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Stages of Womanhood

By Maya Oppenlander

October is menopause month, and following our Soulhub Team meeting, Soulhub invited me to look at my own discomfort that starts with the word ‘Menopause’ itself, and continues with the swirl of symptoms, stigmas and negativity connected to it.

Like birth, menopause seems to be a problem and almost an illness in our Western societies, rather than a powerful transformation from one stage into another.

When our body has reactions and symptoms, we can find medication or a way to numb the symptoms, get rid of them.

Or we can choose to listen.

Our body is our ally.

Are you aware of that?

Aware that your body is your ally?

Being your ally means that life in all its expressions is FOR you.

The symptoms your body shows are pointers to where you are less than the totality of yourself.

So rather than fixing the symptoms or trying to get rid of them – what are they actually inviting you to?

What is the positive intention on a deeper level here?

If for one moment you pause…



and acknowledge:

“ah – this is here” –

What is your experience?

You may not like it as it is.

That’s ok.

You may worry that it may never change if you acknowledge that it is as it is.

Life is alive and ever changing – and most of us have grown into a certain structure and maybe rigidity, losing our childhood curiosity in an attempt to control life or simply because that seems to be adult behaviour.

There is a strong focus on male qualities like doing and achieving, linear and straight forward, the yang aspects of expressing ourselves. 

This gets rewarded in our society and seems to be normal. 

For a woman it is natural to live through different stages. Not only in her life, actually every month. Flowing from expressive and creative to reflective and withdrawn.

Just like the moon waxes and wanes, brightens the night when it’s full and has powerful and mysterious black days.

Many women betray their femininity – maybe simply because there seems to be no other role model out there, that is being attractive and rewarded.

Then the body, that is always here & now, comes in as a reminder.

Your ally.

And you can choose how to respond – what do you choose?

My transformational support meets you where you are: mess, confusion and all.

There is an innate wisdom in life, expressed through those symptoms and problems.

Together we translate, if you will, what life is communicating to you and explore what deeper resources you have.

Connecting to your innate wisdom and what wants to be expressed through you naturally unfolds as you allow more of all that you are in.

Maya Oppenlander

If you’d like to work, or simply connect with Maya, you can contact her here at and read more about how she works and her offers, retreats, courses at 

Image Credit: Georgi Dyulgerov @Pixabay

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