By Luiza Kirk

Winter has a special quality of stillness and potentiality. It is the best time of the year for healing, rejuvenation and to step up our practices, especially those involving stillness.

It is easy to see looking at Nature, that its focus is to hibernate, slow down and lay low in preparation for re-birth in the Spring. Somehow, in our modern times, this has escaped our human attention! December is probably one of the busiest months of the year for many, filled with endless activities and social engagements. This is one of the reasons that we often arrive at the end of the festive season washed out, lacking energy and prone to catching every passing bug.

To harmonise our human energy with the current of the Earth we need to come into alignment rather then push against it.


Stillness gets magnified as we approach Winter Solstice. This is the time of alchemy in many traditions, where the Earth’s energy changes from darkness to light. This blending of light and dark creates an opportunity not only to deepen our practice but also to use it like a mirror to dissolve our own hidden patterns that might not be serving us anymore.

We can use the energy of this time of the year as a diving board into that deep space within us that is already quiet and spacious, but usually lies beneath a variety of physical, mental and emotional tensions. It might take some persistance and some courage to move through these layers and this is one of the reasons a lot of us give up early on.

Here, we can learn from water –  the most yelding, yet the strongest of all elements. It also happens to be the element that governs Winter. Just like water, we need to learn to move around the obstacles and sink beneath the layers of tension in order to melt them.

You can try this simple practice of connecting with the breath, a good starting place for deeper explorations.

To learn this and other meditation practices in more detail, consider joining Luiza’s weekly Wednesday afternoon Zoom class either live and/or recorded by subscription.

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