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Managing the moon – Menopause Awareness Month

A 46 year old female friend said this weekend ‘My periods were still normal, I wasn’t having hot flushes and so these feelings of low mood, anxiety can’t be about the menopause, can they?’

Given that recent House of Commons findings say that 80% of women experience some form of symptoms around the menopause, it’s likely that you will.

Menopause shows up in different ways for each of us, and arrives at different times in our lives. The good news is that we’re talking about it. And even more good news is that there’s more research, and solutions to support women  (and men) along this transition.

For many, they see this time as a transition of femininity. When we move into the elder and wiser stages of our lives. When we’ve gathered decades of knowledge and experience in our being and are able to share this wisdom with our children’s children.

At Soulhub we wanted to take this Menopause Awareness Month, so share this wisdom from the eclectic mix of expertise we have across the team. Why, well because you’re uniqueness might require a very different approach to what you know or think would be your answer.

Here’s some of our key insights/signposting for you:


1 – Having hot flushes? EFT Practitioner Bettina Falkenberg uses tapping techniques to help those of you suffering with hot flushes. She also has a video with how you can do this for yourself.


2 – What’s really going on with our hormones? Kenny Mammarella-D-Cruz talk to Dr Christine Page about women’s cycles, our hormones and moon phases giving you awareness of what’s really going on in our bodies.


3 – An empowering perspective on transition. Maya Oppenheimer shares some thoughts on how we can reframe this stage of womanhood.


4 – How can we naturally support menopause? Medical Herbalist, Melinda McDougall talks about what stages our body might be in, the symptoms which are showing up, how to listen to it, and uses a multi-faceted strategy that incorporate diet, exercise, de-stressing and key herbs and dietary advice that can make a BIG different to the way you’re feeling. Starting with oily fish…


5 – What about the men? Men also have their own transition called Andropause. A time when they can lose their hair, face erectile dysfunction and are at higher risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Not much is written about it, but we found this article, which we think could be of use for you if you want to know more about the typical symptoms.


6 – How else can I help balance my hormones? Qi Gong practitioner Luiza Kirk shows us how these ancient methods can support you, with video instructions for you to follow along to.


7 – Support for your Business? As well as bringing in any of the team to lead workshops, round tables or masterclasses. Carey Davis-Munro coaches women who are transitioning who’ve spent their lives supporting others, as well as businesses to support women in this stage of transition as a Masterclass e.g. ‘Me no pause’, and clinics/workshops for women and managers for ongoing guidance around the education of Menopause and what to do, not what to do.


For one-to-one support with peri-menopause, menopause, or post-menopause, many of the Soulhub Team are skilled in working with women in these stages:

Sue Camp – Clinical Nutritional support around what nutrition your body needs.

Kalindi Jordan – Coaching around your sexual, mental and emotional shifts during the menopausal stages.

Maya Oppenlander – Coaching around transition through the stages of womanhood, and what this means for you and your relationships.

Melinda McDougall – Advice and provision of natural remedies your body might need.

Soulhub will be hosting a LinkedIn Live with Carey Davis-Munro within the next few weeks, when we’ll be discussing Menopause and ways we can support you.

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