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Fostering Faith

by Huma M

What if you could imagine a world?

Where all things were possible?


All you would need to do is believe,

All that you see is only an opportunity.


Remain in present, for that is,

The present that God has bestowed to you.


Know that you are not merely human,

You are Word in flesh.


Creation is written in your story,

Let it flow, let it grow.


For you are born to expand,

Through dreams, a journey so grand,

That every moment is a miracle.


Unbeknownst to those who walk asleep,

Only seeing a world that is dark and bleak.


That is a small truth,

For in darkness there is light,

A flame that dances so bright.


And that, my dear,

Is you.


So stay.


Even when grief grows,

Even when there is only sorrow.


Hope is only a moment away,

For dawn breaks in the ‘morrow.



Huma M has written for the Soulhub Journal, and is a talented young woman who writes and speaks about life.


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