Highlands Spiritual Retreat

We often get asked about retreats which we know about. ‘Can you recommend one for detox?’ ‘One for awareness? ‘One to meet good people?” The questions are varied.

So Andrew and I like to get out and about. To find good people. To get an idea of what works, what’s new, and above all find gems of authenticity in the ever growing wellbeing industry….Need I say more!

En route back from our early Autumn break in the West Highlands, Andrew found, through the trusted google search, a retreat space in the Highlands. Just on the other side to us. We ventured across the Caingorns with our car whispering in our ears as we twisted and turned through the forest lined roads.

After hours of seeing very few homes, we came through Tarland. Aptly named. And pulled up to a beautiful old estate, with well kept gardens, forests surrounding it, and a lively woman waving at us from the front door. Oh and with Bill and Ben flower pots resting on the front door steps.

‘Hello, and yes you’re in the right place. Just park up here behind my van.’

We’d arrived.

Bev and Linda have had colourful lives, and only a year ago, were called to this property to do the work they’ve been doing for decades, but finally in the warm, safe and free spirited place they now call home. It’s a spiritual retreat, with so much on offer, or nothing. Depending on what you need. From convalesence to more active support. Whatever is going on for you, they adapt and flex.

Andrew and I are well rested by now, and we’re after space, quiet and an example of what they do. We’re gently compiling our own understanding for our own place, and so it’s wonderful to meet others already doing it.

We soon found ourselves drawn to the outdoor space, which is, we must say phenomenal. A mediation wood, forest bathing, hammocks to hang on with views over the hills, colourful benches, crystals hang from the trees. It’s bright. It’s quiet. It’ space for reading, meditation and contemplation.

Without divulging all of Bev’s history, as you have to hear it from the horses mouth. Bev is a spiritual counsellor. She works with emotional and mental blockages, and anything from grief to passover, guilt, remorse and the conditioning we find ourselves in. She works with spirit, directed by their callings, and uses her own tools, psychic abilities, and the many props and environments in the house to support her work.

You can hang out in the high vibrational room, sit quietly in the, yep you’ve guessed it ‘quiet room’, walk in the ‘Magical Fairy Glen’ path or opt for a reiki attunement, or simply lie in the fields and star gaze into the vast skys.

If you’re lucky enough to live near by then Bev and Linda hold monthly gatherings, or you can stay for days for your own retreat. Each year they also host an Annual Spiritual Gathering with fire walks, medicine wheel, labyrinth of life and energy exchange.

It’s a place for those who already feel connected to the spiritual realm. It’s a place for those who are curious about what is. For those who are looking for connection with themselves, and to understand themselves. You’ll be held, and you’ll learn something new and no doubt different.

We left with bodies more rested, with thoughts to ponder, with minds tweaked!

For more information, visit their website and if you find yourselves there, then we’d love to know how it was for you too.

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Carmen Rendell is the founder of Soulhub.

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