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Talking Thursdays – support during uncertain times

The Soulhub Team have collectively come together to offer, above and beyond their usual work, some FREE (or reduced fee) sessions. We’re calling it TalkingThursdays.

Right now, we have no real idea what tomorrow holds. And for most people, that is scary. It throws up all kinds of feelings. The impact on our businesses, our families, our relationships, homes, our own mortality. You might well be at home already in self-isolation. Or busy trying to build contingency plans, cancel events, understand what to do next.

Carmen Rendell 

Will help you work through:

  • Where you’re at and your thinking 
  • Give you space to voice all your concerns 
  • Work together to create a toolkit to her you manage the uncertainty

These sessions are means tested. So if it’s a struggle financially for you, then let’s chat and work out what’s the best solution. I understand it’s another reason to have anxiety in this environment, and I don’t want to add to that. I’m here to help however best I can.

Let’s chat first. Either email me on Then we can set up a Skype session.


Rach Allan 

Free coaching – Skype/ phone

More info on Rach here 

Eleanor O’Rourke

Free coaching – Based on changing our relationship with fear and finding the creative opportunities in chaos.

Skype/ phone/ walking in Richmond Park

More info on Eleanor here 

Isabelle Jan

Free coaching – Looking at our balance of mind, body, spirit and wellness approach.


More info on Isabelle here

Andrea Lucas 

Psychotherapist – Looking for someone to share your story with and help you unpick it.


More info on Andrea here

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