The Pigment Trail

We all need colour in our lives…

You may recall our Soulhub Journal front covers in 2018 featured this incredibly vibrant art from Debra Luker. It felt a risk to be so bold, and to be honest, rather un-magazine like for our 02 cover. When I shared it with others it was quite polarising, but I didn’t care, because it said much more in terms of the soul and feel of the colours, design and uniqueness. Her love of India shone beyond the art.

Soulhub Journal 02

Now, 5 years on you can get access to a beautiful portfolio of this work with her first published book, The Pigment Trail.

Debra Luker fell in love with India. She found it to be her personal artistic inspiration.

Through her sketchbooks, photography, collections, designs and drawings Debra has created her own unique and intimate portrait of India, seen through the eyes of an artist. Crumbling, colourful and time-worn textures became her canvas; layer by layer, they reveal an extraordinary visual collage, a blend of intriguing and magical creative power. Her observations transport you to the beauty and richness of India’s everyday life.

We want to support everything Debra does, at her work is so authentic and passionate, and her first book will give you the opportunity to see and feel her work, and have it in your homes or businesses.

When life feels dull, the pages of the Pigment Trail will awaken your creative soul.

Hardback: 208 full-colour visual spreads that allow you to breathe in the rich, artistic collage that is India’s daily life.

USA: Available January 28th 2024

Worldwide: Available March 28th 2024

To Order: Depending on where you are in the world, and who you want to shop with, head to Debra’s website to find out more…


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