Walking: Your daily sanity monitor

Walking Therapy

Lockdown. For many it’s been the worst experience of their lives. For others, the best. For many reasons, including a different perspective of values, ways of living, and in particular how they’re relating to their one daily form of exercise. It has been a saviour during the last month, and will continue to be for the near future. In fact, given that the rise in taking this form of exercise has increased by 59% of those using it for their mental and physical health, we hope that you fall in love with everything about it. And that it becomes a big and new continued part of your life.

Carmen’s previous article about ‘Why Opt for Walking Therapy‘ acknowledges Shane O’Mara, who wrote In Praise of Walking, and describes our uniquely human ability to walk is a “marvellous and seemingly simple feat”. He goes on to say that “walking is hugely beneficial for our minds, our bodies and our communities. Walking is holistic: every aspect of it aids every aspect of one’s being… the emerging science is giving us a clear picture, regular walking confers enduring and substantial benefits on individuals, and on society at large”.

Tee Twyford from HUSTLE + hush, a coaching support service for millennials, interviewed Carmen Rendell, as well as other walking experts to understand not just the benefits but to uncover why it’s more than ‘just’ walking.

We’re grateful that she’s feeling the benefits of walking, and wants to share this with a younger and wider audience. She shared her article with us, and you can find it here.

Walking therapy

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