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Come have the time of your life: Dirty Dancing with Andrew Cuerden

On Saturday 16th May (7pm) professional dancer Andrew Cuerden will inspire us to recreate some of the iconic moves from Patrick and Baby: Dirty Dancing.

Did you grow up in an era of wishing you’d carried a watermelon into the staff quarters? Balancing on that log? Or giving/being given the river lift? Yes, us too.

Andrew will share his story, which led him to become a professional dancer, and how Patrick Swayze inspired his moves.

So curl up on Saturday afternoon, with your popcorn and watch the movie. Then at 7pm, come join us with the music, and learn moves which you can take to your next family or birthday gathering!

All levels welcomed. Please book early, with a small donation for the class fee. And share with family and friends to join you.


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